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Believe it or not, 'swan' is the champion CL even a horse outside.
Jamie Carragher, a famous critic, believes Liverpool. The chance to win the UEFA Champions League is the same. Back in 2005, the "Reds" did, although the strength is not as strong as the current series.
The team of Erik Clover has a queue to visit FC. Porto on Wednesday night. This is the first time in nine years. Liverpool will be competing in European cups around the knockout.
"It was a long wait," Carragher said.
"Many years when I was a footballer. Maybe we can not think much about going through the knockout phase of the Champions League.
"Now when you have to be away from it for a long time. You know how important this is.
"Hopefully the manager and the players will help us move forward and pass Porto. Then you will experience the thrill of the lottery. It allows us to maintain this season in terms of trophies that are still available.
"It's true that Liverpool are out of sight this season, but the team is better than Liverpool, which I have participated in the Champions League in 2005 again.
"It was a difficult match for Porto, but it was a game that we could win. If we were finalists. Who knows what will happen.
"With the talk on the top four and go to play Champions. League next season. We should not forget that we are still involved in this show.
"I will be traveling to Portugal next week. Hopefully we will keep the good results and see where it will lead us. " pic5678
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