Author Topic: MISCELLANEOUS 82 (part 1)  (Read 288 times)

Kid Bronco

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« on: February 12, 2018, 01:05:39 AM »
Thanks to Kyle and Alexis this time.

With a gun pressing into his back, the kid that Bronco and Snipe were after is ordered down onto his knees. Snipe grabs a handful of his hair and pulls back on his head. Ah, good, that's right where Bronco wants 'em. Skin is stretched tight over his Adam's apple and Bronco can even see the spot where the skin twitches with the rhythmic
pulses of blood being pumped through his jugular vein.

Bronco has kept his razor-sharp, eleven-inch long hunting knife hidden so as not to make the kid start struggling or maybe decide that he'd rather take a bullet in the back rather than have his throat slit. Yeah, a bullet would be less messy, but Bronco was in the mood for something different this time and he figured Snipe would enjoy it as well. After all, his eighteen year-old apprentice hadn't witnessed a throat slicing before.

So, in a flash of movement with his right arm, Bronco expertly brings the blade around in an arcing fashion. He can feel the way it easily slices through skin, artery, cartilage and the kid's windpipe. FUCK, Bronco, ya didn't have to go THAT deep. Too late now. But still, it's a turn-on. There's a gurgling sound coming from the kid's throat and a rhythmic hissing sound as air in now being inhaled and exhaled through the slice in his windpipe rather than through his nose or mouth. Snipe had never heard such sounds and he was getting turned-on by it all.