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Serie A and Azzaro do not take the Europa but the Serie A.
Mauricio Sartre, Entertainment Weekly team Napoli disappointed with the defeat of the local residents to Leipzig to 3-1 insistence on the formation, but the attitude of the players to improve.
"Azzaro" has been suspended for more than a half, especially against the likes of Dreamy Murphy and Lorenzo Inzury. Victory over
"You should not lose a door like this at close range. We lost both goals from the back garden game, which became a disaster, "said the 59-year-old boss of Carat Macadamia Sky Sports Italia after the game.sbobet asia
"Of course, we're all disappointed that it's a form of play and attitude. It is very sad when we represent the club. We need to play with a good attitude. "
"We always fight, whether you win or lose. But the mind must be one. I saw the team lack of impulses and no concentration. It is a bad sign for our mental state. "
"When we wear the team Napoli. We have to play to honor. But I was disappointed with what I saw. We need to improve our attitude towards playing in Europe. The league is as important as the Serie A.