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Parked disappointed four boxing martial arts curfew + stolen taxi at bar
Alan Parker, manager of West Bromwich Albion, admitted that he was very disappointed with the players. Violates the rules of the club I was accused of stealing a taxi in Barcelona to drive back to the hostel.sbobet asia
The clubs from the Premier League flew straight to Spain to escape the cold and rehearsal for three days after the game for Chelsea on Monday night.
However, the warm-up camp was not as great as it was planned. Because of the behavior of some players within the team.
Four players were intercepted by a police officer on a taxi to drive back to a five-star hotel from McDonald's in the early morning of Thursday.
A statement from the boxing world confirms that they are conducting an internal investigation of the incident in Spain.
"We are investigating to get to the root. This is not what we want, "Park said.
"They violate the curfew, which is unacceptable. I was very disappointed. On that day we forbade the players out of the house and the rule was destroyed.
"The club is clear about what we need to investigate properly. However, we would like to concentrate on the remaining 11 matches and we are in the fifth round of the FA Cup. "