Author Topic: MISCELLANEOUS 83 (part 4)  (Read 228 times)

Kid Bronco

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The kid remembers that he's packing a .45 caliber revolver and he starts pawing at the holster. Bronco speaks up: "You draw on me and and I'll pump hot lead into that bulge pushing out from yer chaps." Whimpering, the kid stammers back, "I ain't... I ain't gonna use it on you, Bronco...  promise I won't."

Having had a few seconds of exquisite pleasure when he soaked his denim with his massive death-load, the kid's attention is again focused on the excruciating pain in his lower gut. All of his convulsions and crashing around in the saloon made Bronco's sadistic blade slice him up good inside... real good. He very slowly draws his revolver and brings it up in front of his face. Then he lets the tip of the muzzle touch his lower lip. A chill runs through his body and in spite of having shot his load, he feels his cock stiffen once again. He lets two-inches of the muzzle slip into his mouth.

The "BLAM" has a somewhat muffled sound as the wall behind him is splattered with blood and brain matter. For a couple of seconds he remains there on his knees in a balanced position as blood oozes from his mouth. And then... thud.