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« on: February 23, 2018, 04:25:51 AM »
FABFUL breaks up 'shine' boils Holger
The FA did not have any penalties against Roberto Ferriino, the White Wings striker of Liverpool, with a clash with Mason Holt, quarterback Everton.
Both sides fought fiercely after Holger pushed Fermi off the field in the first half of the FA Cup Round 3 in January at Anfield, where the 'Reds' slashed 2-1.
Holger claims to have been 'outraged' by racism with the word 'Nigger' (Black), while Fiorentino admits that he is a Portuguese, but not racist.
Investigation by FAsbobet88888
The latest FA release.
"From investigating the allegations from Mason. Holgate to Roberto Fermi's about stretching behavior.
"The FA has confirmed that there will be no penalties for Mercury."
The FA revealed that during the investigation they considered statements from 12 footballers, teams of two, referee Robert Madeley and fourth referee.
It appears that no one has heard that Fermi's use of hate speech as Holger allegedly led to the conclusion of
an investigation by the FA that had ended because of insufficient evidence.