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???????????? ?????
« on: February 24, 2018, 04:59:36 AM »
Peter Stoker, Borussia Dortmund, agreed to be happy with the results of the races always invaded Atalanta 1-1 and 16 finalists of the Europa League but the form of play. I need to clear the team.
Reggio Emilia is better at Atalanta and leading the way in the first half with Rafael Tobo's shot.
The second half the "yellow shirts" have solved the game and done better. The door to the rivalry has a small. From the stroke of the Eredivisie, the ball was missed and then backed up as Marcel Melzer to score 1-1 to finalists with a score of 4-3. ::)sbobet88888 ::)
However, after the game, Stooker is not happy with the work of the team. "It is expected that it will be a difficult game. But clearly we made it a simple game for Atalanta in the first half. "
"We are not aggressive and do not strike as it should. And we do not have as discussed before the game. That's not the kind of professional game that needs to be played in this situation. "
"Second half we improved. And above all is a good replacement. I'm happy with Marcel. Schmelzer is so much that he shot. Marco Rees showed how good he is with our game. "
"We have the right attitude. And the team was shown several times. Of course, I am satisfied that we are finalists. But we have to talk a lot after this game, "he said.