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Tim Sherwood, former manager of Tottenham Hotspur, says he likes Arsene However, the time has come for his Arsenal manager to sit down.
Team of the great Frenchman. Manchester City 3-0 in a caravan Cup final football match on Sunday to make the Wenger out again.
"Arsenal's players are not good enough to win the Premier League. Arsenal fans want the team to challenge the champions, but they are miles away from the story.
"They need more players, different types of players, better balance for power. And they need a new voice.
"I love Arsene Wenger and I like what he does with the club. I will support him as much as I can. But I think his time is up.
"They need a new voice. The players need a new voice. Sometimes you listen too much to the sounds
and you can listen to them as much as you want if you win. But when you start losing You need to change that voice. "sbobet88888