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Very well!
« on: March 06, 2018, 07:09:51 AM »

wap sbobet After the Arsenal defeat to Brighton team the most embarrassing 2-1. The atmosphere in the dressing room seems to be breaking point. When the players split up, they scrambled around each other in insecurity. Mesut Ozil, Henrik Kirtan, and Scroan Masta I will be heavier than them.
 By Mesut Ozil, my friends play the game is not full. And do not work well, although the cost is very expensive, but play hard, Micky was hit by that. View user's profile Send private message I do not care if I should go to the area where it is correct, while Mustafa was hit when the team lost the door, but not the other. Should look at yourself that there is a mistake as well.There are also reports that Hector Berbera is not satisfied with Arsene Wenger very much. I will tell him before the race 2 hours that I will not be sent to send the calamus to the oil field. And of course, now the future of Frenchman consultant The board is considered to be the appointment.