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An Idea of Necrophilia Story


Here is my ideal idea,but just an ideal one,my perfect one that i have imagined for a long time,which means ,if you can‘t accept this story ,its ok,the most importante thing is the suit described below .
        So you can adapt it,modify it,if you guys can adopt it !!

        Sam works in a funeral house and is necrophilia and loves those young hot guys' bodies.Sam also lose himself when he see a cute man in suit (WISH THE SUIT BEING A LITTLE MORE SMALL FOR THE ACTOR THEN  THE BODY WOULD BE SEEN MORE HOTTER IN THE SUIT \(^o^)/ ).Sam always rapes those dead male body dressed up whith suits, but now he thinks that those dead things are boring and lack in stimulation.
        So Sam goes to kill a hot fashon model in a T-shirt ,jeans and white socks (who is the one he has loved for the first sight and secretly from months ago ) in the office of the funeral house.The model struggle painfully,and the killer choke him at the same time so that he can die quicklier.

      The handsome T-stage fashon model passes out alive but Sam then buries the model with a pillow. Finaly the hot model die FOREVER.

        Then the necrophilia man put that dead body on the morgue ,undress his clothes and start to dress him with a totally new black suit ,black socks,black bling-bling leather shoes ,black tie ,black vest and white shirt .(I enjoy these colors best !If you guys can't offer all of them,you can pick some in more dark color to replace the black ones ).

         During the whole period, hey touches the hot body and his hot feet with black socks.He enjoys playing with dead body.
        For example,pulling up the body dressed up with suit and putting it down again over again.Rolling the dead body and making it lying on his side and on his stomach.And the body just let itself do what the staff want it to do.

      Sam loses control again and would like to have sex with the body.He really does it with him.
      Sam puts the dead body in the casket rested in peace,firstly kissing him,then fondling him all over the body ,and take off one of his shoes for touching the hot black socks feet!

       Afterwards Sam he only takes away the model‘s pants and starts to do sex with his hot dead body in the little box .And it is so fiercely that the casket shell drops closing itself and Sam can't open it from the inside ........
        Finally, Sam suffocates dead for the lack of oxygen along with his dead lover in the casket until another worker opens the cover and find their bodies.

      The sexual parte depende of the actors.I dont mean a real gay porn video.If the actors dont want to show their penies its OK,but they should  pretend to make love really.And if they dont want to kiss the mouth,just face ,it is OK ,too.

    Hope the model victim actor has a good hot body and good-looking face! And the suit can be fit for his body!

    Thats just a suggestion and my idea!I adore the casket story and i would buy that video 
  Wish it adopted one day !
                                     Sincere love to all  your stuffs and actors!

By the way!
   I love dead body of model type with just the right amount of muscle
   That really makes me hard

. . . I like the same sort of thing that you do! I like it especially in those few minutes after the "victim" has died, I imagine myself as the "killer" who satisfies myself with making use of the victim's corpse. The body is still warm and pliable; you can do any damn thing you want to do to it. That's a real turn on for me!


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