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« on: April 12, 2015, 12:39:19 AM »
It's a dirty, sooty world following the apocalypse and the few survivors fight among themselves. Some of the misfits form alliances with one another, each in search of something they want or need. Here, we find the deranged Night Stalker making his rounds through a devastated, industrial part of town, in search of his next victim. He's working for the brilliant, but insane, Dr. Genesis who believes he can create a new breed of super humans. With them, he hopes to take over the world, but his experiments require a constant supply of fresh semen from the strongest and most fit survivors. He has provided the Night Stalker with the tools he needs... a sterile container in which to collect the semen and a modified gas mask. The air filtering canister has been replaced with one that dispenses chloroform in just the right amount to render the semen donor helpless. But the maniacal Dr. Genesis has added a few special pheromones as well which act as a sexual stimulant, thereby causing the donor to shoot a much bigger load than normal.

After the semen is collected, the donor is of no further value and the Doctor has an efficient way of making certain the donor will be permanently silenced. 
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