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wap sbobetMontenegro, Monte Carlo, the youngest squad, Sevilla admits they are overwhelmed by the arrival of Manchester United in the UEFA Champions League match on Tuesday night.The result of the first leg ending with 0-0 gave the opportunity to open wide for both teams, but at the same time squeezed the team of Joe. Mourinho needs to focus on the offensive game, although the past is up to the game in the face of the tough.For this reason, Monterey accepts the visit to Oldenburg. Trafford is not easy because Manchester United intends to break in to find a way to break the support of Sevilla to scatter."I was concerned because I had been through the first leg of the game, and I had to meet United with a lot of good technique and strength," said the former AC trainer. Milan's feelings during the press conference prepares the match."It is normal to worry about United having top players. They are a team with a lot of technical strength and strength. We have to deal with both sides at the same time. "Considering their large team, which includes both Alexis Sanchez and Romelu Lukaku, are dangerous. So tomorrow's game we will face Manchester United at aggressive."However, we had a great game in the first leg. We will play well and do good work throughout the two leg 180 minutes.