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Very well!
« on: March 13, 2018, 09:03:07 AM »

wap sbobeGennaro Gutto, the Black Devils' coach, admits that the team has now had the chance to beat Arsenal to the next round in the Europa League by 30 per cent. But insist on his team will not take offense.Rossini Team Lost to Arsenal to 0-2 in the Europa League final round of the first 16 teams in the past week. As a result, they left Everton to win the Premier League two goals, which means that the second match at the Emirates Stadium they need to win at least 2-0. To be able to win the finalists."After Thursday's game. I had a lot of criticism from the people in the pub saying that our team is still lacking in physical strength to stand up to the full 95 minutes, "said Gatto."We have to admit that we are at fault for a strong team like Arsenal. We are aware of this error and we respond with a victory over our rivals in Sunday's game. ""Now we have another 30% chance, so we will not go to London to relax. We must respect the holiness on our shirt color. "After losing to Arsenal AC Milan can return to collect 3 points in Serie A successfully when the Raiders beat Genoa 1-0 from the 90 + 4 injury time goal of Andrei Silva.